by Jim Santella

    Drummer Carl Rigoli leads a straight-ahead quartet that interprets seven of his original compositions on this meeting of the minds that features the tenor saxophone equanimity of Pat Rizzo.  Romping with a blues feeling and driving with a powerful, foot-tapping force, the foursome reaches out and grabs an eclecic array of influences.  From Bach to Rio and Rome, the quartet swings.  Audio samples may be found at
    "Bach's Bag" swings with a light bounce.  Each of the four artists take liberal solos, and Rigoli tradesfours with the others.  As pianist John Rodby and drummer Rigoli flesh out the piece in tandem, the easygoing cascades, from several centuries past, serve to inspire.  Rizzo's saxophone tone wafts around the room as cigarette smoke toward night lights.  A bit raspy and sometimes restrained, his big horn participants on an even basis with piano, bass and drums.  Together, the four artists converge to form a balance.  The scene is pleasant throughout.  Pasquale Square gives both the passer-by and avid listener a place to sit and relax.  As rigoli wraps up the session with a fast-paced exit called "Speed Tactics," containing a stirring, extended drum solo; the audience has an opportunity to feel the action and to reflect upon the essentials of mainstream jazz."