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meet Carl Rigoli. It had started with his first album, as a leader, VIBE MAN. I took it home to review, not so much because I was interested in Carl Rigoli but because I'm a vibraphone nut, few records by vibe men get away from me without at least a couple days of playing on my Jazz shows. To say that Carl's work on the first album not to mention this one impressed me is an understatement. Others are NEW DIRECTIONS and THE 1998 SESSIONS VIBRAPHONE & JAZZ ENSEMBLE. His playing is electrifying. Cascades of notes, Carl is well equipped technically, flowed into blocks of sounds.
    Getting back to our first meeting, after setting the time and place I waited, not knowing what sort of person he'd be. He arrived in Carmel, Ca., we shook hands and sat down and had lunch at Clint Eastwoods's Hog's Breath Inn. After the formalities, the talk ranged from the problems of playing vibes to man and society.
    Carl Rigoli knows precisely how good he is; but more important, he has an understanding of how good he can be as a vibraphonist and a

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